Version 2Miranda Burgess is Associate Professor of English at The University of British Columbia. She works on British and Irish literature from the 1780s to the 1830s, and the history and theory of form and genre, mobility, media, and feeling. She is the author of British Fiction and the Production of Social Order, 1740-1830, which explores the uses of genre change in developing theories of British society and British nationhood. She is completing Romantic Transport: Mobility, Anxiety, and the Poetics of Feeling, 1790-1830, a book that examines “transport” (the movement of feelings and objects, and the contemporary understanding of the media facilitating each) and anxiety (in its clinical and more broadly social senses) in relation to the poetics of form and figuration at the turn of the nineteenth century. She has begun work on Being Moved, a cultural history of the emergence and embrace, in poetics and criticism as well as in philosophical aesthetics, of an understanding of aesthetic experience in which what is above all at stake in the reading of literature or the viewing of art is the activation, transformation, and potential or actual physical mobilization–in short, the movement–of the reader. Miranda Burgess holds a UBC Killam Research Prize for 2002.